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Exmouth Dive & Whale sharks Ningaloo

WhaleShark Swim * Humpback Whale Swim

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  We Offer A Real Honest & Practical Guarantee.
We'll Have You Out Whalesharking Sooner & For Longer
Whaleshark Swim

  'NINGALOO REEF' For The Worlds Best "WhaleShark Swim" 

Enjoy our quality service, value for money & no gimmicks; just fun & Whalesharks. 

The Ningaloo Reef comes alive from March to August. Whale Sharks or as we say Whalesharks,

 visit Ningaloo Reef en-mass during this time.

We swim with Whalesharks every single day from March, with Ningaloo Reef the only place in the world to have such a huge swimming success.

Whalesharks do visit other areas, but there is nothing like 'Ningaloo Reef'.

  So let us show you the beauty of  'NINGALOO REEF'

We are the Only Company that offers Our Truly Unique "Whaleshark Good Swim Guarantee"
We also Specilise in all Eco Tours - From Whalesharks, Humpback Whales, Manta Rays & More.
Our Passion is the Ocean, Scuba & Snorkelling on the Ningaloo Reef.

The Crew on All of Our Whaleshark, Scuba & SnorkellingTours, carry out Citizen Science. 

Check out latest Whaleshark Swim & what we are doing each day on the Ningaloo Reef.

You can post your own experiences & tag yourself or friends.

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Thanks for visiting us at Exmouth Dive & Whalesharks Ningaloo .
We hope you enjoyed your WhaleShark swim and Scuba Diving on the Ningaloo Reef.

Don't forget to spread the word, so your friends can enjoy the Ningaloo Reef Too!

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WhaleShark Swim with Exmouth Diving Centre on the Ningaloo Reef

In 2011 Ningaloo reef and surrounding areas were world heritage listed by the United Nations.