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Make your diving more than simple sightseeing!  Expand your concept of diving and begin to really experience the many facets of the underwater world.

Our PADI Advanced Open Water Course is designed to follow-on from the PADI Open Water Course.  This course focuses on discovering different types of diving, developing your experiences and exploring particular areas of interest.  The training and skills are designed to boost your confidence, build on the foundational skills you have already learnt and teach you to become a more proficient diver. The PADI Adventures in Diving certification will extend your diving range to 30m (21m for Junior AOW, divers under 15). Best of all, NO THEORY LECTURES.

What you will learn

During this course the emphasis is on practical application - classroom sessions are kept to a minimum and the focus is on developing your in-water skills.

You will learn skills and techniques to safely complete 5 different types of diving.  A Deep Dive and Underwater Navigation Dive are mandatory dives on all PADI Advanced Open Water courses.

  • Deep Dive - how to safely dive to a depth of 30 meters
  • Underwater Navigation - how to navigate using a compass and natural underwater features

The other 3 elective dives* can be selected from the following:

  • Underwater Digital Photography - Learn to get great shots underwater, having an Internationly awarded underwater photographer with us, makes this a favourite
  • Search & Recovery - how to search for and recover objects while learning valuable safety marker buoy deployment skills
  • Underwater Naturalist - Learn how to identify local marine species
  • Peak Performance Bouyancy - Learn how to master your bouyancy skills
  • Boat - Learn how to dive of different sorts of boats
  • Multilevel - extend your bottom time by crediting you for slower nitrogen absorption when you ascend to a shallower depth.

The course includes:-

  •  PADI Five Star Gold Card Certification.
  •  The Adventures in Diving Manual, yours to keep
  •  2 boat trips to Ningaloo Reef, a total of 5 dives
  •  All air fills, gear rental, and certification costs covered by us - no hidden extras!!!
  •  Personal instruction in small groups.
  •  All high quality, fully serviced MARES, Oceanic and Aqualung dive equipment.
  •  All transport to and from town accomodation, dive shop and boats provided.

You will need to provide or purchase the following:-

  •  Dive slate for communicating underwater.

Courses run from 08:00 - 17:00 every day of the week

Individual one-on-one courses are available, please contact the store for details.

Personal Equipment Required:

  •  Log Book - PADI training prerequisite
  •  Knife & Underwater Writing Slate - required by PADI for safety
  •  Surface Marker Buoy (SMB) and Reel - safety equipment required on all boat dives with us


To take this course, you must be:

  •  A PADI Open Water Diver  (or qualifying certification from another training organization)
  •  15 years old (12 for Junior Advanced Open Water Diver)

All this for only A$550 (Inc. Dive Gear).