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Dedicated Whale Swim Tour


Full day tour on the Ningaloo reef from 7:15am-4pm.

We travel thru the Ningaloo area viewing numbers of whales cruising the reef.

With use of our Plane, we are guided in for the best swim opportunities. As we operate our own dedicated plane for up to 4 hours, we maximise the chance to swim with resting Humpback Whales.

 Beginning with a morning snorkel on the Ningaloo Reef for ALL guests. Our spotter plane will start the search for the best pod of whales to watch and try to swim with, or an out of season whale shark. 

If the perfect Whale is encountered, or a whale shark is spotted, we will begin our in water swims. Non-swimmer guests will be eligible (When group swim numbers allow), to upgrade to swim with the whale or whale shark for the additional difference in price structure. Other animals often spotted can include; dolphins, dugongs, manta rays, orcas, turtles, the list goes on!

 Tour includes - Snorkelling equipment & wetsuits. A delicious Buffet Lunch, refreshments, tea, coffee, water & complimentary beer or champagne is also included. 

All video & photos of your day are yours for Free! (Souvenir usb $19.95 extra). 

We will finish the day off with as much snorkelling on the reef as time will allow. Complimentary pickup/ drop off service is available from all accommodation around Exmouth town. 

 For a succesful Humpback Whale Swim. A private dedicated Plane is the only way to have reasonable success with these elusive mammals. This is a dedicated Whale Swim Tour. (Don't get fooled with a promise of a Whale swim on a standard Eco Tour).

 Whale Swim

 Adults $410

 Seniors $399 

 Kids 13 up to 16 $399

 Whale Watch only - Adults $175, Kids under 16 $115  - Family 2 Adults & 2 Kids $490             BOOK NOW         ENQUIRY

Whale watchers can upgrade to a Whale / WhaleShark Swim by paying the difference.


Relax and enjoy the ride on our well-equipped stable boats, as we travel from Exmouth Marina or Tantabiddi to view Humpback Whales in their natural habitats. During their annual migration over 30,000 Humpback Whales visit Ningaloo every year to calf, mate and rest in the Gulf area during winter. With the largest migration of whales in Australia this congregation at Ningaloo offers the best humpback whale interactions in the world.

 With vessels like “Jazz” 2, a west coaster with spacious back deck or the “Prime”, a stable catamaran with a walk around bow, you will have a full 360° view from all of our vessels. On all humpback whale swims you will have a Maximum group size of 7 swimmers with a guide & Videographer in the water. If a suitable resting Whale is found we will spend time gaining the animals trust, which may take 30 minutes. When we find a whaleshark we will have groups of 10 passengers with a swim guide & videographer, able to swim with these magnificent fish. 

All Video & photos from yours for Free! (Souvenir usb $19.95 extra).. For whalewatching, we can manoeuvre to within 100m of the whales. If the whale chooses to swim over to us – we will shut down the engines and enjoy the close interaction from the vessel. On whale swim tours - If the whale is very subtle, the boat will move within 75M of the whale, where the first group will enter the water 75M from the whale, we will then swim slowly toward the whale trying carefully not to splash or scare it, to within 30M. Should the Whale approach us we are allowed to get as close as 15M to the Whale. Should the Whale attempt to get closer we will swim away to maintain at least 15M of distance. This is an in-water experience that will give you the thrill of being close to such a large Mammal with surface views closer than you can imagine, with luck you may even see the whale under the surface. Entering the water for the purpose of swimming with a Whale, Whaleshark or Manta Ray, is considered a swim by definition, Dept. of Parks & Wildlife fee’s will be charged to EDC. EDC & Crew will at all times try to offer a safe enjoyable experience, where possible, but cannot guarantee a wild animal will want to interact with us.

We may consider at anytime the activity may become unsafe, where we will immediately recall all persons out of the water. At no time will we attempt to enter the water if there is a calf present. A calf by definition is a whale up to 1/2 the length of its mother and dependent on its mother. Minimum age of 13 years to swim with the humpback whale, you must be a comfortable, good snorkeller to participate, as this is an activity that requires good snorkel skills & involves serious distances to swim. A snorkel test will be conducted to ensure that swimmers meet minimum requirements as determined by the crew. This activity can be dangerous, whales are very large, unpredictable Mammals that could become aggressive if they feel threatened. They could move very quickly, faster than any human can swim. By participating in this tour you accept that the risks of swimming with a wild animal could be hazardous resulting in injury.