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Exmouth Diving Centre offers a wide range of recreational adventure diving services from the novice diver to the experienced diver on a wide variety of dive sites.

Exmouth Dive Centre is all about safety.

We are now supplying all of our divers Enriched Air for free, whilst diving off our vessels. With less Nitrogen in the air we supply, there is a greater reduction in any risks of Decompression injuries and may help to reduce fatigue & tiredness after your dives. The only drawback with diving with 32% enriched air Nitrox is that you are limited to dive to a Maximum depth of 33Metres. With most of our dive sites under 27M & the majority to 18M this is never a problem.


If you are not nitrox certified,

You can definitely still take advantage of the enriched air we offer, as long as you are diving with one of our staff members, you do not need to make any changes to your diving. Following an air profile while diving on enriched air greatly reduces the risk of decompression injuries and will  make you less fatigued after your dive, which is great news

If you would like to take a Nitrox course and use the full advantage of enriched air to extend your no stop decompression limits talk to one of our friendly staff to sign up for a nitrox course whilst you are on your dives. With just a minimal amount of computer based theory (2hours) you will get your Nitrox qualification..


If you are nitrox certified,

You will be allowed to change your computer setting to take full advantage of the enriched air we offer. You will be requested to analyse your tank, label it and adjust your dive computer accordingly along with recording the information on the paperwork given to you. You will still need to follow the maximum dive time of 50minutes per dive and your group’s surface interval.


If you decide you don't want this added safety in your dive, please let us know & we will supply you with just air.

Visit our Medical Questionairre before booking

All Bookings are Weather & No.Pax Dependant

Muiron Islands

Full day tours visit areas populated by friendly Potato Cod, turtles, sharks, thousands of fish, anemones and clownfish, batfish, stingrays and much more. Manta rays, dugongs, humpback whales and dolphins are seen at different times of the year, too. Add a buffet lunch, morning & afternoon teas, cool drinks and a beautiful lunchtime snorkelling spot…what else is there to say about these full day tours?! Suitable for all level divers and snorkellers. Daily 7:30 - 4:30pm Weather & minimum numbers permitting.

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Ningaloo Reef Dives

Explore the amazing underwater world of the Ningaloo Reef. Our tours visit two different dive sites so you can experience the diversity found in this amazing region. Turtles, sea snakes, Manta Rays, wobbegongs, sea fans, soft corals, moray eels, batfish, whitetip reef sharks, nudibranchs, colourful reef fish and many more critters provide an endless feast for your eyes! We are constantly adding new dive sites and we choose the best sites on the day. Daily 7:30 - 4:30pm Weather & minimum numbers permitting.

Equipment Hire: We hire equipement out to snorkellers and divers, prices vary depending on what you need, so come in and make an equiry.


        Book two or more tours per person direct with us and get 10% of the lowest priced tour.

Accommodation: Book through us and get 10% discount on accommodation at the Potshot Hotel

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Some of our Ningaloo Dive Sites:

Sponge Gardens & Exmouth Gulf

At the entrance to the Exmouth Gulf, east of the Navy Pier, the Sponge Garden Drift dive is a must do for the experienced diver. A majestic drift over a diverse collection of large sponges, gorgonians, and sea whips is an excellent way to experience the sea bed devoid of rock structures and coral bombies. The enormity and colours of the sponges and corals in this garden are impressive in their elegance.

Less experienced divers can enjoy this dive with one of our instructors by taking the PADI Advanced Course or the Deep & Drift Adventure dives with us - ask for more complete details!

Bundegi Sanctuary & the Gulf

With over 220 different species of coral and no less than 500 species of fish to be found on the Ningaloo Reef, the Bundegi Bombies provide the diver with the opportunity to explore the splendour of this reef sanctuary. Bundegi provides protection for a wide variety of species who use this area as a nursery so expect to see everything from big to little here! This is a shallow dive that can be explored by snorkel or scuba. With the incoming or outgoing tides one can meander along the reef at a leisurely pace; at slack tide you can dedicate yourself to one area - you'll never run out of things to see. The natural light of this dive allows the opportunity for excellent amateur and professional photography.

Nor-West Reef

Nor West Reef can only safely be dived when the tides, swell and sea conditions are right so it isn't often we get out there! A reef whose ruggedness has brought grief to a number of our early mariners, Nor-West Reef lies about 1.3nm off the Cape. The eastern edge of the reef provides a dive complete with the complexities of ledges, overhangs, coral bombies, gullies and small caves. It provides shelter for large tawny nurse, and reef sharks. Turtles, manta rays, eagle rays and the occasional potato cod are often sighted on this dive. This site is usually reserved for experienced divers and those who have dived with us on other sites.

Lighthouse & VLF Bays - West Side

Nestled on the western side near the top of the Cape, Lighthouse Bay & VLF Bay offer incredible diving all year round. There are many sites in this area from ridges of limestone reefs supporting a wonderful range of large and small creatures to excellent drift dives allowing you to cover a great area of diverse ecosystems.

Turtles, batfish, anemones & clownfish, white tip reef sharks, large groper, bull rays, moray eels, schools of snapper, threadfin pearl pearch, lion fish, sea snakes, rankin cod, angelfish, nudibranchs, blue-spotted stingrays, wobbegongs and octopus all call this area home. Dugongs, dolphins, manta rays, leopard sharks and other big guys add an extra dimension of excitement on many dives.

The dive sites in these two areas always have an outstanding variety and number of fish and creatures - you can never dive here enough!

Muiron Islands

Surrounded by an abundance of coral gardens, rocky ledges and intriguing dive sites, the Muiron Islands are located about 10nm north east of Exmouth. Keep your eyes open during the 45 minute trip across to the Islands for ospreys, shearwaters, turtles, manta rays, dolphins, dugongs, and during their migration, humpback whales.

Once to the Islands there is a wide range of sites. With a maximum depth of 20m and usually only gentle currents, the dive sites around the Muiron Islands are suitable for all levels of divers. Swim-throughs and ledges provide plenty of places to search for shrimps, nudibranchs, eels, juvenile angelfish and other timid creatures. In mid-water and against the reefs look for friendly potato cod, large rankin cod, turtles, nurse sharks, soft coral gardens, anemones, clams and 1000's of darting, colourful reef fish. Late in the year, manta rays grace several of our dive sites, too.

From about November, the turtles head for the shallows at the Islands to mate and nest. On your trip with us we spend our lunch break at the beach where you can watch the turtles in the water, see their tracks in the sand and enjoy a fabulous drift snorkel over lively corals. In mating season it is possible to see the mating turtles in the water, too. Your crew on the day will give you tips on how to watch without disturbing them.

The West Coast 

Ningaloo Reef extends for 260km along the coast of Western Australia. Being the nearest point on the continent to the Continental Shelf accounts for the abundance and variety of fish and other marine life in the surrounding waters. There are many dive sites on the west coast of the Cape to explore and we are constantly finding new ones.

The diving here ranges from shallow to 35m and the reef structures are all hard coral. The marine life is abundant and diverse with each area seemingly specialising in something! Some sites are covered in moray eels of all sizes; others are known for the friendly potato cod that come up and say howdy. Several areas have active manta cleaning stations - the best time for mantas on these sites is from late May through August. 220 species of corals, plentiful schools of pelagics, abundant colourful Angel, Butterfly and Parrot fishes, numerous turtles, masses of bait fish, yellow and silver's all here!

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